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Chatham Island Albatross

Chatham Island Albatross (Thalassarche eremita)

Chatham Island Albatross
Formerly a subspecies of the “shy” group, this species is now recognised as a distinct species.

One of the least common albatrosses of the Southern Ocean, this albatross has a very small breeding range breeding only at one site known as “The Pyramid” in the Chatham Islands, located to the east of New Zealand. The Pyramid is a large rocky outcrop with approximately 4,500 breeding pairs.

This species can be easily identified at sea with its yellowish-tan beak and dark grey head. Over the last few years a Chatham Islands albatross has been seen on occasions in Kaikoura towards the end of summer; however it’s a very rare visitor as most birds fly east of the Chatham’s to the coast of South America