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Gibson's Albatross

 Gibson’s albatross

Gibson's Albatross
Gibson’s albatross breed in the Auckland Islands. This is the main species sighted in Kaikoura. There is worldwide debate with the split of Gibson’s and Antipodean albatross, with some countries recognising the split, whilst others classify them as one species, the Antipodean albatross. In New Zealand, we recognise these as two distinct species.

We occasionally see birds with colour bands that have been banded on the Adam’s Island group in the Auckland Islands, by Kath Taylor and Graeme Elliot. Although feeding mainly on squid, Gibson’s are frequent visitors to fishing vessels, with discarded offal and fish processing waste comprising part of their diet.

Satellite transmitters have been put on wandering albatross and have shown that birds can travel an incredible 1000 miles per day.