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Short-tailed Shearwater

 Short-tailed shearwater (Puffinus tenuirostris)

These shearwaters breed on islands around Australia. Distinguished from the sooty shearwater (which has a white underwing), by having a greyish-coloured underwing, otherwise very similar to the sooty shearwater. Basically an Australian version of New Zealand’s sooty shearwater. Millions of birds breed on the islands in Bass Strait. Harvested as muttonbirds in Australia.

The occasional short-tailed shearwater strays across the Tasman Sea into New Zealand’s waters. Short-tailed shearwaters are seen over the summer off Kaikoura, although since they look very similar to the more common sooty shearwater, they are overlooked. The occasional short-tailed shearwater is seen off Kaikoura over the late spring and early summer.